Oliver Page
Supported Platforms: 
Oculus VR 
Game Engine: 
Unity 3D
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- Explore an alien planet to discover if it can support life.
- Solve puzzles to unlock new areas and find secret items
- Collect specimens to send back to scientists on Earth for analysis
- Teleport around the island to discover hidden areas
- The sky's the limit! Climb up mountains and cliff faces to survey your surroundings.
Thesis Statement
In making a virtual reality world with interactable objects and placing landmarks and signs of unexplored spaces both close to and far away from the player, I will invoke the illusion of an expansive world in a limited space. 
Welcome to the planet Novum! Your ship has just arrived within long-range-teleportation distance of the surface and you better get ready to explore. Millions of miles from home, with Earth in Environmental and political disarray, you (and other explorers like you) must explore this and other planets to discover the answer to the question: can this planet support human life? Discover secrets, collect specimens, unlock portals, and solve puzzles to find new areas of this beautiful planet. Exploration is the only way to find new species of plants, animals, new types of minerals, and even uncover artifacts that could be remnants of ancient civilizations. Get going explorer, and remember the people of Earth are always watching!
Scopic is a virtual reality experience that centers around exploration and discovery. It involves a linear progression through the sections of each planet, in which the player solves puzzles and collects objects to reach the next section and experiences the narrative of the game along the way primarily through communication with a scientist from Earth. Once the story is over, the player is able to go back to any place they have visited and continue their exploration for as long as they wish. ​​​​​​​
Artist Statement
Digital artwork transcends the limitations of the physical world, which makes it feel as though anything is possible. I use a combination of 2D and 3D design to create places and things that feel authentic to their own worlds. In my work I strive to create experiences that invoke joy and other emotions in those playing them. I use vibrant colors and simple shapes to keep the environment bright and inviting to all. My artistic drive centers around creating worlds for people to get absorbed into, which is heightened through interactivity within these experiences.​​​​​​​
Ollie Page made this game as part of their senior BFA thesis project while studying Game Design at Cleveland Institute of Art. They are particularly interested in the way players interact with games and how visuals impact this. More of their work can be found at www.behance.net/oliverpageart.
Lead Artist & Developer: Oliver Page
Committee: Anthony Calabro, Robert Brown, Ocean Young, Jared Bendis, Scott Lax

Skybox from Arkham Interactive, Toon shader from Amplify Shader, Code and hand models from SteamVR Unity Plugin and Anthony Calabro

Special thanks to my family and friends for their unconditional support throughout this project.

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