A 2D Platformer with innovative grappling and health mechanics created in four months in collaboration with a team of Artists and Programmers.
Play as BeardMan, a steadfast, adventurous woodsman, and combine forces with the mysterious, sentient, and dexterous Beard to jump, whip, and grapple your way to a final battle with The Barber. The game combines a classic, traditional platforming aesthetic with aspects of bullet hell in the form of Floods: huge waves of enemies which must be defeated in the midst of traversing the levels. The Forest that BeardMan calls home has been corrupted, with hairless forest animals enraged by The Barber attacking in tandem with The Barber’s shaving, slicing, and slashing henchmen. Soar through the air and attack these enemies from above, or approach levels from the ground, using your hairy compatriot to form a shield and ward off attacks. Grow your beard to increase your attack and grapple range, or shrink it to restore your health. Your job is to reach the barber and defeat him to save the forest, and this platforming, enemy-dense adventure will put your skills to the test!
 Save the Forest, save BeardMan’s furry friends, and save the world from The Barber’s tyrannous reign!
Grappling Point Animations
Heart Asset Animations
Disappearing and Trampoline Platform Animations
Title Screen and Menu Button Assets
In- Game Screenshots
Oliver Page: Art Lead, UI Designer, Sound Designer, Level Designer, Concept Artist
Grace Merry: Lead Animator, Concept Artist
Jonathan Zwick: Enemy Animator, Concept Artist
RJ Benson: Level Designer, UI Designer, Concept Artist
Cole Ackerman: UI Designer, Concept Artist
Special Thanks to:
Daniel Mendez: Composer
Sian Phillips: Mentor
Abigail Kays: Guest Designer, Mentor
Huvra Mehta: Programming Lead, Enemy Programmer, Bug Fixing
Brennan McFarland: Player, UI Programmer
Tianlong (Chris) Chen: Lead Level Designer
Caitlin Campbell: Enemy Programmer
Daniel Rubin: Player Programmer
Peter Gao: Player Programmer
Rachel Pavlakovic: Sound Designer, Level Designer, UI Programmer
Tyler Kohrt: Sound Designer, UI Programmer
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